October 19, 2020

Why You Should Consider Lisbon Golf Holidays For Your Next Vacation  

When looking for a new travel destination, it’s much better if your interest and hobbies relate well with the destination you have in mind. Your connection with the place can significantly increase your enjoyment and new experiences. For instance, both golf enthusiasts and people interested in golfing find various golf courses and destinations to be ideal.  

When it comes to golfing, there are amazing places around the world that are worth visiting, especially in Lisbon, Portugal. Golf holidays in Lisbon can be enjoyed through a variety of golf break packages, specially curated by experienced golfers in their team.  

Since it’s quite a long trip to Lisbon, you deserve to know what advantages you have in golfing at this place. Here are the reasons why you should consider Lisbon golf holidays for your next vacation.  

Superb Golfing Climate 

Known as a quite demanding sport, one can truly enjoy golfing when the weather conditions considerably favor golfing locations. The heart of Portugal, Lisbon, possesses a Mediterranean climate that’s perfect for all-day golfing and exploring golf courses. Unlike most cities in Europe that have a hotter climate, Lisbon overlooks a vast ocean, accounting for its mild, rainy winters and warm, sunny summers.  

If you’re planning your next golf vacation in Lisbon, the best months to visit the country’s capital are May, June, and September due to the mild and pleasant sunny days. During these times of the year, you can play golf under the mild sun that wouldn’t ruin your experience in being too hot, and also being too cold as the weather is spring-like even until the summer of September. However, you might experience hotter days starting from July to August, so better combat it with sun protection and proper itinerary planning. Don’t forget to stay hydrated during your plays.

Hotel Golf Packages with Budget-Friendly Prices 

Along with golf courses are plenty of golf resorts that you can stay in for every type of budget. It’s important to keep in mind that golfing is a luxurious sport and you must have enough money to afford even the cheapest golf packages that you can find, and some of them make the best, reasonable offers.  

Moreover, each golf resort different landscapes and natural forms that surround them, making it an ideal place to play golf while having a scenic view. To give you a quick guide about these golf resorts, here are the following: 

  • Quinta da Marinha Resort

    Just a five-minute drive away from Cascais and Guincho Beach, and 35 minutes from the Lisbon airport, the Quinta da Marinha Resort has various amenities and facilities perfect for group traveling, especially for families.  

They’re a five-star hotel with one and two-bedroom villas with an extensive spa, indoor and outdoor pools, Five Pines restaurant and bar, health club and treatment rooms, jacuzzi, sauna, and its location is the nearest course on-site. In Quinta da Marinha, you can experience three nights of free golf starting at £159 ($195). 

  • Praia D’El Rey Golf Resort

    Starting from £195 ($240), you can already avail 4 nights of stay and 3 round links of golf that offer you the flexibility in playing all local golf courses. This resort is situated in the Silver Coast, thus you can enjoy the overlooking silver beaches near the golf courses.  

Their luxury accommodation includes bedroom apartments with shared pools, bedroom villas with private pools, extensive gardens, and the exceptional 18-hole championship golf course. 

  • Hotel Baia

    If you want to combine the experience of peaceful beaches and long arrays of bars and restaurants, then Hotel Baia is your absolute golf resort.  

Centrally situated at the heart of Cascais, Hotel Baia is proved to be a popular golfers hotel offering an outdoor rooftop pool, Al Fresco restaurant on the terrace, and the famous “Blue Bar” perfect for drinking while watching the sun being devoured by the overlooking horizon. Three nights and two rounds of golf courses in Hotel Baia starts at £205 (250$).

  • Penha Longa Resort

    Being the most expensive package among the bunch, with prices starting at £299 ($370), the luxurious Penha Longa Resort makes your stay worthwhile. 

This resort has its own 27 holes golf course on-site with 18 holes championship, also offering you a panoramic landscape featuring the Penha Palace & Park and the Sintra Mountains. Its famous amenities comprises of suites from deluxe to presidential where you can choose a view of either the Park & Monastery or Forest & Nature. There’s also a popular Arola restaurant led by Michelin Chef Sergy Arola, outdoor pools, wellness club, and Villa Tamariz Beach Club.  

These resorts are only a few of the offers in Lisbon, but you can also consider the Vila Gale Estoril (£195), Vila Gale Cascais (£195), Estoril Palacio (£229), Praia D’El Rey Marriott Resort (£235), and the Sesimbra Golf and Spa Hotel (£275). 


Around the globe, Portugal is known as one of the best golfing destinations due to its wonderful golf courses reaching up to 87 golf courses spread around the country. Due to the perfect climate and hotel packages featured in Lisbon, you’ll never run out of golfing options as they offer distinct places perfect for every budget.  

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