September 4, 2020

Top 7 Health Benefits of Bowling

Bowling is one of the well-preserved indoor games among all sports. It is usually a casual game that people enjoy playing with their friends and colleagues, but professional leagues are as exciting as any other sport. The origins of bowling date back to the 4000 years when it was introduced in Greece and Rome, and even today, it is spreading across the world as an entertaining sport that anyone can start playing. While people enjoy bowling to relax and have a good time, it also has its own health benefits.

Stress buster

Bowling is a game where a player is supposed to aim and neatly roll the ball over the ramp and known the ten pins on the other side. It uses the coordination between the body and mind, which diverts the player from any stress and allow them to enjoy the game.

Stress buster

Muscle toning

Bowling can help promote muscle exercises for the entire body, especially the lower body when carrying the weight of the bowling ball with you to the ramp. Swinging also stretches out your arm muscles, which provide good exercise for tendons, ligaments, and joints in your arms.

Benefit social life

While bowling is a complete sport, it is also a recreational hobby for many. People usually come to bowling alleys to spend time enjoying the game and snacks. Taking part in bowling games allow you to interact with others and challenge them in a positive way to create better bonds. It can provide a sporty solution to help with your loneliness that can cause depression.

Burns calories

Bowling can burn up to 300 calories in an hour. Considering that a bowler walks up to 60 feet in every round, which is equivalent to half a mile in three-game series, it can burn 175-300 calories every hour. Bowling for an hour is equivalent to jumping rope for 25 minutes.


Better cognitive skills

As bowling requires the coordination between your hands, eyes, and feet, it is a great exercise for improving your cognitive skills. The more you bowl, the better your accuracy will be. It will improve your cognitive skills and muscle memory to make fast calculations for movement.

Improves balance and flexibility

When you are swinging a 14-pound ball, your body is stretching out, again and again, improving your flexibility. Every time you bowl, your arms, joints, ligaments, and muscles are stretching out in the ball’s motion. It makes you more flexible and also improves your upper body balance as you keep bowling.

Reduces the risk of diseases

Bowling has been found to help in preventing several risk factors for heart diseases. Bowling can increase bone density, improve circulation, lower cholesterol levels, and blood pressure, all of which are beneficial for keeping your heart healthy. The physicians recommend people bowl at least once in a week if there is a bowling alley nearby to keep themselves healthy while enjoying a few good games with their family or friends.

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