October 16, 2020

How Archery Lessons Can Save Your Life

Archery can be one of the coolest hobbies you’ll ever come across. With characters like Hawkeye from The Avengers and Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games, it’s no surprise that interest in archery began to skyrocket in recent years. 

Practicing archery isn’t just about looking cool, though. It requires you to channel your full concentration and energy into that one shot on your hand. When consistently practicing, archery can get your mind into that untouchable mental zone where you’ll feel utterly unstoppable. 

Is Archery Worth Trying Out? 

Understandably, archery can seem like an intimidating endeavor for beginners. It’s easy to feel pressured to hit the target on your first few tries, especially when you see others landing their arrows quite accurately. 

If you decide to take up archery for beginners for practical reasons, you have to let go of that self-inflicted pressure. Yes, the goal of archery is to hit your target right where you should, but you’re not going to get that far if you only focus on the target. 

There are other things that you must pay attention to, such as your stance, your body position, and your arrow placement, just to name a few. When all of these are in line, only then will you be able to consistently hit your targets and your archery goals. 

The Practicality of Archery 

Archery is certainly one of the most practical activities that you can take up. While you may not need your great aim for everyday problems, the skills that you’ll develop in archery can easily be something that’s necessary for survival. 

Listed below are just a few life-saving benefits of archery lessons: 

1. Increases Your Patience 

How many people have gotten into trouble because of their impatience? How many of them have had to face fatal consequences because they couldn’t keep their cool? Or perhaps, you’re familiar with these scenarios because you’ve experienced them yourself. 

Archery involves waiting—a lot of it. Archery doesn’t tolerate shortcuts, and there’s simply no way to work around your goals but to patiently go through the processes. The basics may be easy to learn, but overall, archery can be a hard sport to master. Getting to your goals isn’t easy, but not knowing how to wait can be what messes up everything for most people. 

The patience that you’ll manage to imbibe will only help you become more determined and more willing to wait for the right things. Additionally, your renewed patience will be able to help you become a better person who’s not in a hurry to attack. 

2. Develops Your Ability to Concentrate

Archery requires your full attention in order to hit the target. You need to be attentive about how you breathe, how you look at the target, how you stand, how you hold the bow, how you pull the arrow, how you aim, etc. This seems like a lot to think about, but minding these things is what will eventually lead to the perfection of your aim. That’s why you should choose archery bows and other archery equipment that will suit your needs.

Such focus definitely helps when you’re facing life-threatening situations. You obviously cannot afford to be scatterbrained when your life is on the line.  

Archery helps you learn how to channel your mental energy on the things that you need to do. 

3. Develops Your Upper Body Strength, Balance, and Coordination 

In order to hit the target, you’ll need to develop your sense of control. This can usually be achieved by working on your strength, balance, and coordination. 

Incredible core and upper body strength are necessary to be able to maintain a good body position in archery. Hence, if you really want to quicken your progress, work out your core, chest, shoulders, and arms. When the muscles on those body parts are strong, balance and coordination will come easier. 

Strength isn’t the only thing that’ll help keep your feet planted where it should. Your brain will also help to keep your whole body balanced. It’ll also keep your body positioning in sync, leading to a smoother control in your aim. 

When strength, balance, and coordination come together, it’ll become easier to get through the most challenging of situations. 

4. Improves Your Endurance 

A lot of mental and physical energy goes into the perfect position. Surely, as you try to improve every aspect of your technique, you’d end up firing a lot of shots during your lesson. To be able to do this repeatedly, you’ll need a high endurance level to get the best out of your archery sessions. 

Your arms, your shoulders, your hands, your core, your feet, your eyes, and even your mind will grow tired from all the practice. Once you get used to it, however, your endurance is bound to improve. We all know how useful endurance can be when our survival is on the line. 

5. Makes You More Prepared for the Inevitable

Ultimately, getting good at archery relies heavily on muscle memory. When you know the right sequence of all the necessary moves, hitting your targets will eventually become second-nature. It’ll just be the byproduct of a perfected technique. 

These ingrained muscle memories will teach you the importance of moving flawlessly without having second thoughts. It’ll help you learn how to respond to what’s happening around you, without doubting if you’re doing things right. 

Of course, we’re not talking about reacting impulsively. We’re talking about improving the feeling of preparedness even in the face of unknown dangers. 

Conclusion: Get Mentally and Physically Strong Through Archery 

Aside from being a fun hobby that you can constantly spend your weekends on, archery will also teach you how to become mentally and physically stronger. This is something that’ll translate well to other areas of your life. 

While actual archery may not be necessary to get through your current problems, developing your aim can be useful in many circumstances. Everything you’ll learn from archery will certainly add to the things that can help in your ultimate survival. 

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