October 15, 2020

Exercise Bike To Motorcycle: The Skills You Learn From Riding

For many people, hopping on a motorcycle and enjoying the freedom of the open road is like a dream come true. But, it’s important to remember that riding a motorcycle isn’t as easy as you think it is. If you really want to learn to ride, you must develop a great set of skills and, more importantly, a good sense of judgment. This is where using an exercise bike becomes beneficial.

Primarily, an exercise bike refers to exercise equipment containing pedals, saddle, and handlebars, or it’s something that looks like a bicycle but doesn’t move. Although an exercise bike and a motorcycle are less likely similar, navigating the former can help you learn some motorcycle riding skills. But, just like other skills, you probably need motivation and patience to learn to ride a motorcycle from using an exercise bike.

Below are the motorcycle skills you can learn from riding an exercise bike:

1. Proper Balance

Typically, the sense of balance you get to practice in an exercise bike may give you an idea of what should be the sense of balance required for riding a motorcycle. While a motorcycle is heavier than any bike, using an exercise bike, for instance, can help you learn how to keep your balance from falling over and avoid accidents and injuries while riding. Of course, balancing on an exercise bike isn’t the same as balancing on the motorcycle but it can be a great way of knowing what it is like to balance during a motorcycle ride.

When you ride an exercise bike, you don’t only teach yourself how to lose weight. But, since you’re allowing your body to be active in navigating the bike, you’re also teaching yourself to simulate a safe motorcycle riding situation. In such a case, you’ll have to use your hands in manipulating the handlebars and your body to properly behave on the vehicle, which is necessary to improve balance.

2. Ability To Sustain A Good Level Of Power Over Time

Riding a motorcycle requires you to maintain the right level of power over time, especially if you’re traversing a rocky or an uphill road. Thanks to an exercise bike because aside from being a great way to exercise, you may learn how to keep an adequate amount of power through pedaling. Pedals, in exercise bikes, are used to propel and sustain acceleration, while for most motorcycles, they’re used to initiate deceleration.

Therefore, when you operate an exercise bike, you’re also teaching yourself the proper way of using the pedals to maintain a certain level of power when driving a motorcycle. In short, the more you pedal your exercise bike, the more likely you familiarize yourself with the level of power you probably need when operating a motorcycle. That way, you can ensure your safety while driving your motorcycle on the road.

3. Proper Position And Posture

In addition to balance, proper position and posture are essential when riding a motorcycle properly. When you maintain good and proper posture during the ride, it’ll be much easier to manipulate the different parts of the vehicle, resulting in a safe and smooth drive.

This motorcycle skill can also be practiced while using an exercise bike. When you operate an exercise bike, you need to know and follow the correct seating position to ensure comfort while riding the equipment. For example, you have to make sure that the pedals and other parts of the bike are within your reach, once you’re seated.

Ideally, keeping a proper posture is extremely important when driving a motorcycle. Seating on the vehicle improperly can cause body aches, especially on your back and shoulders. As a result, you probably need some medications to boost your recovery and get back on track. Remember, the more comfortable you are with your seating position, the easier it is for you to apply more advanced motorcycle techniques while you’re on the road.

4. Ability To Operate The Steering Handle/Handlebars Properly

Just like most motorcycles, most exercise bikes come with handlebars. But for motorcycles, they’re known as steering handles, which can be used to steer your vehicle and change direction. It also refers to the portion of the vehicle where you can rest and grip your hands during the ride.

Thus, the way you hold your exercise bike’s handlebars is an important skill you can apply when driving a motorcycle. When using an exercise bike, you need to hold the handlebars properly so you can get the most out of your exercise routine. Because of this step, you’ll get an idea of how riding a vehicle actually looks like. Meaning, you’ll learn how to properly rest and grip your hands on the steering handle while riding and maintaining your balance.

Moreover, the more you navigate the exercise bike, the more you get familiar with the proper way to handle the steering handles, which is extremely important when performing counter-steering on your motorcycle. Knowing how to hold the steering handle allows you to perfect your turning skills when you desire to turn and lean into the turn.


With the information mentioned above, using an exercise bike doesn’t only come with health benefits. It’s a perfect way of learning and practicing some of the essential motorcycle skills today. But don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated when under the sun.

Therefore, if you want to become a better motorcycle rider someday while keeping healthy and fit, then taking advantage of an exercise bike can be an excellent idea.

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