October 14, 2020

Benefits Of Using Printed Marquee In A Sports Club

Whichever type of sport you prefer, the main reason you are a supporter is because you enjoy it. But while playing sports is fun, there is a need to promote your sport of choice as it offers a great chance to interact and mingle with like-minded individuals, as well as get an opportunity to finally get sponsorship.

One way of standing out at the events is to set up a marquee tent with big initials that’ll potentially draw in a crowd. A marquee tent is a type of tent that’s set up using poles which have a canvas that can be printed on to show the identity of the sports club. For promotional purposes, a sports club can thus have its name, logo, and colors printed on a marquee tent.

The following are even more benefits of using a printed marquee for your sports club:

1. Keeps Everyone Safe

The weather in certain areas can be unpredictable—what could start as a warm, sunny day may end up turning to a huge downpour later on. Aside from keeping your team hydrated on a hot weather, you should have a marquee tent as it can keep everyone safe from harmful weather. What’s more, you may even have a heater on standby just in case it gets cold or windy.

Hence, it is important that the marquee tent not only displays the logo and colors of your team, but it should be strong enough to withstand different weather conditions. By having a marquee tent, you can create a safe environment for your team, their family members, your spectators, and sponsors.

Another factor to always keep in mind is that the ultimate goal of your team is to thrive in the future. It is therefore crucial that you pick a tent that is going to serve the team for many years to come. Luckily, there are plenty of manufacturers that offer warranties that can last up to 12 years.

When choosing a marquee, therefore, make sure that you purchase one that has at least a warranty of 3 years. This proves that the manufacturer is confident in their product and that the team can continue to use the tent well into the future.

2. Marketing And Advertisements

Naturally, you’d want to get a marquee that has the name of the club, its colors and motto printed on it since this is a great way to promote your brand to potential sponsors. With a custom printed marquee, you can have something that targets a specific audience. Those who will be interested are people who are your loyal fans. This means that you will not have to spend time and money on a crowd that is not interested in your sports club in the first place.

Moreover, printed marquees not only attract potential fans and sponsorships, but they will also solidify the name of the club in the minds of the fans. When someone sees your logo several times, the image of your club will have effective recall and they are likely to become future fans.

Furthermore, when people take selfies next to your marquee tent and then post these on social media, you will get free publicity and advertisements for your club, increasing the chances of sponsors finding you.

Something to take note of, however, is that when getting your marquee custom printed, you should ensure that it has a non-fade warranty. This will give you the assurance that the colors and logo will not immediately fade away when exposed to harsh weather.

With good publicity, you will get plenty of spectators who will choose to buy club merchandise and memberships, allowing you to gain more profit for the club.

With your marquee having attracted the right audience whether young or old, you may also want to consider giving them taster sessions and goodies. This could mean bringing them to your sports ground and providing them with a taste of what your training is about. This is a great way to form a bond with your audience, thus ensuring that they are here to stay.

Another way to advertise your team is to move to where people are. While in most cases you will hold advertisements at your sporting grounds, it is best to advertise in other locations as well. The great thing with printed folding marquee tents is that you can easily move them to new locations and engage with your fans. This will help build your fan base and increase your odds of getting a sponsorship.

Remember to have an objective when promoting your sports club, as well as a call-to-action for people who visit your marquee. This will prompt interested people to take action that will further solidify your sports club in their minds, thus helping turn them into loyal supporters.

3. Personalized Designs

By having a marquee tent, not only are you promoting your sports club to old fans, but you are also trying to market yourself to potential new fans. This can be as simple as catching their eye. This is why you should contact a reputable company that does personalized designs for marquees.

Choose a company with the best reviews and best ratings. A top-quality printing company will be able to produce an exceptional product. Well-printed marquees will help your sports club stand out from the rest.

Visitors and fans will easily recognize your club logo and this will further establish your club. Sponsors also like to invest in a venture that they believe in. Once they see the quality of your marquee, they will be interested, increasing the club’s chances of getting a sponsorship.

Further, custom printed marquees can be described as tactile. These are objects that leave a lasting impression on the minds of those who engage with them. Marquees offer a chance to express the personality of the club, allowing your audience to relate with the brand.

Every team may have its own printed marquee at the event. However, it is crucial to ensure that yours stands out so as to grab attention fast. Note that people are first drawn to what they see before finding out more about your club. This is also why it is highly crucial to get top-notch printing.

Marquees offer a visual. It is simpler for the human mind to process images than it is to process written information. A well-printed marquee will, therefore, attract the right audience.

When printing your sports club details on the marquee, it is important to keep things simple. Remember that many people have small attention spans, thus they don’t want to spend a lot of their time reading. The colors, wording, and logo should, therefore, be able to grab people’s attention in an instant. As a tip, invest in a catchphrase that can be easily remembered by anyone so they won’t be discouraged and pick another club; simplicity is the name of the game.

Another thing that you will need to consider and one that can play a big role in helping your marquee stand out is the design. There are different types of marquee tents such as:

  • Trapeze marquees 
  • Yurts 
  • Chinese hat marquees 
  • Sliding marquees 
  • Indian Bedouin marquee 
  • Traditional  marquees 
  • Bell tents 

By choosing a design that stands out from the crowd, you can instantly grab attention. Further, you can even customize your space to suit the needs not only of the club, but also of your guests. You may even create a dining area where your visitors can sit down and enjoy a nice meal.

And let’s not forget the fact that you can design the interior of your marquee to also keep visitors interested. Here, you are only limited by your imagination. Some options that you may consider include special lighting. You can also choose an interior color that contrasts perfectly with the exterior of the marquee. Furthermore, you can also hang balloons that have the logo of your club printed on them as well.

4. Marquees Are Cost-Effective

Another major advantage of using a printed marquee tent is the cost—they are more affordable compared to other forms of promotions.

First off, marquees are cheaper to buy than other types of tents. While the cost of the marquee may depend on the size and quality, they are generally one of the more affordable types of tent.

Then, there is the cost of printing. A good company will generally ask for a higher premium, but considering the benefits of standing out from the crowd and the potential to attract club sponsorships, it is well worth the cost.

Remember that a good quality marquee will last a long time and see the club through various promotional events, all of which have the potential of letting the club get memberships that will bring in revenue.

Considering the many advantages of a printed marquee and the fact that the major costs include purchasing, printing, and transport, it then pays to invest in a quality marquee. As long as you get a printed marquee with excellent quality, the club can continue to use it for advertisements anytime it is needed.

5. Will Help Ensure Success 

We’ve already established that the goal of a printed marquee is to provide physical evidence of the club; it makes the club easy to locate at the promotion. This means that fans will not waste any time coming to you and seeing what you have to offer.

Also, if the marquee is printed by a top-notch company, people and fans at the promotional event will be able to recognize this. This, therefore, means that the club will be able to attract new fans.

Moreover, sponsors want to invest in something they believe in. One way of proving to potential sponsors that the team is heading on the right track to success is to have, first and foremost, a top quality marquee with quality printing.

Keep in mind that promotion is not only about getting memberships and about sponsorships; it also means getting other new additions to the club, whether it is coaches, new players, strikers, etc. For instance, if your striker position needs filling, promotions are a way to attract the right players. Thus, a marquee can attract the right type of people at the event, thus helping the club find top-notch players to fill open positions.

6. Establishes Identity

As mentioned, with a custom printed marquee, you can show off your club’s colors, logos, as well as contact information. The printing company will often let you choose the colors to work with and will offer advice. It is important that you choose the colors that represent your team. Since you have 3 sides that you can print on, this will offer an excellent way to get noticed.

Don’t forget that you will also need to choose the right colors for the interior of the marquee.

Not only that, but a marquee also provides the club with a convenient way of being located. Suppose there are fans who have always wanted to get in touch with you, and they heard that there will be a promotion at a certain venue—the marquee allows them to not only locate you but also easily read your contact information. They can then get back in touch with the club at a later date.

Final Thoughts:

There are many benefits to using a printed marquee for a sports club. For starters, it is good for advertisements, which will get you sponsors for the club, as well as future players. Another great advantage is that marquees are versatile and can be used in different locations since there are various types that you can choose from depending on your budget and where you will have to put it up during an event. Furthermore, after the event is complete, the marquee allows for easy cleaning of the environment in which you had set it up.

A marquee is an effective way to grab attention at an event by increasing your audience reach while also keeping old fans interested. In turn, this will also help you achieve your club’s goals. Make sure that the colors you choose, including the logo, can be easily remembered.

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