Check out our home ball drilling room where we create the finest bowling balls.


High-quality ball plugs to maintain a firm grip while bowling at the games.


Vise grip provides the right locking and unlocking systems for the safety of players.

Bowling Leagues

Enjoy your time with your family or friends by taking part in the bowling leagues at teams. Win exclusive rewards!

  1. 1
    Saturday Youth League

    Special tournament for players below the age of 18.

  2. 2
    Tuesday Night Ladies Majors

    Exclusive ladies only bowling tournaments for maximum entertainment.

  3. 3
    Wednesday Men's Commercial

    Become the next pro bowler in the Men’s tournament.


Bowling Tournaments

Adult Mixed Doubles

Take part in the bowling tournaments as couples and challenge others for a match.

Youth Singles

Take part in the special youth-only knockout rounds for big rewards for the champion.

Team Events

Exclusive house tournaments for professional teams that you can come and enjoy watching.

Doubles & Singles

Everyday challenge leagues for anyone who wants to play at the match arena.

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